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About a&r: “We are here to save the world one rhythmic blip at a time.” The tongue-in-cheek manifesto of Chicago-based electronic duo a&r may sound like an Atlas-caliber burden they’ve elected to bear, but such a statement is indicative of their good-natured work ethic that fuels a prolific output of material. Displaying a pension for sonic depth and diversity that ranges from haunting earthy melodies to stratospheric dance grooves, coupled with a lyrical prowess that is certain to engage you’re your intellect you’re your soul, a&r aims to be at once a soothing partner in your loneliest moments and a soundtrack for the best of your bad decisions.

Born from a three-year stint as guitarist and lead-singer, respectively, in the indie rock group Welcome to Cambridge, Alex Kramer and Rocko Rochee emerged onto the scene with their songwriting chemistry already well-honed. They have an affinity for collaboration with anyone from rappers to cellists to guest vocalists, often featuring these artists during their concerts, along with live drumming staple Alex Al-Hamdan. Drawing from a wide range of influences, a&r’s fashion-forward style ensures their inherent timelessness remains on the cutting edge.

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