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About Cybiont: PRELUDE: French scientist Joel de Rosnay, argues that we are on the verge of a profound evolutionary leap. This next stage in the natural progression from lower to higher levels of organization – cell into organism, organism into population, population into ecosystem – is the cybiont. A planetary super organism made up of all humans, machines, organisms, networks, and nations. A planetary brain - with humans as its neurons.

BIO: CYBIONT is an earthling, located in Northland, New Zealand.

THE MUSIC: Cybiont creates a type of music that is maybe best defined as ‘Something stuck somewhere in between music and junk’? Some listeners and critics have said:
-It’s so unusual that I just can’t find a suitable word to describe it.
-Reminds me of a modern day Lou Reed
-Very provocative and endearing to my senses.
-Best thing from New Zealand since Peter Jackson.
-We need more music like this in the world…
-Your music creations are the spiritually awakening of the artist’s soul!
-The atmosphere reminds me of some Edgar Poe’s novels.

-“Prepare to be taken on a spiritual journey with the debut album from Cybiont, named ‘A Trilogy Of Random Thoughts & Considerations’. It’s a unique collection filled with just that - bursting at the seams with imagination, and an obvious love for life and all its experiences.” -Amanda Ratcliffe

-“In his debut album, this New Zealander successfully combines an array of music styles into a creamy blend of planetary soup” -Pappa Toe

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