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BrainStorm Operations

About BrainStorm Operations: There comes a time in all of our lives where we decide that we are going to settle on a goal and go for it...period. It doesn't matter if the others laugh or say 'no way...' Your instincts tell you this is the chosen path of destiny.

That happened to Sven and I about 4 years ago; when we decided that our solo projects shall become fused as one.

Since then, there has been so much learned. The business side of things have become finely tuned and our understanding of marketing as well.

Our formula for sucsess is found in one simple tantra...."Chill The Planet."

We are Ambient soundscapers who develop 360° sonic design.
Our entire philosophy is based upon the one simple theory - the more it gets stressy, the more there is a need to fly away for a little while. Our intentions are to make that flight as smooth as possible. To enhance the journey. We invite you to find a good opportunity to just kick back... and come with BrainStorm Operations along their musical soundscapes for film, web, wellness or relaxation.

Wishing you the best from the flight deck,
Keith Alban & Sven Klitsch

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