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About gritch: Gritch is a three piece indie/rock/electronic band featuring catchy vocal melodies and love sick lyrics that blend into pop-sensible, hook-filled music with well placed electronic elements that push the envelope and demands the listener's attention. The lineup consists of Christian Atencio on acoustic guitar and vocals, Sean Payton on electronics and bass and Terrance White on lead guitar.

Gritch began in the spring of 2006 when Atencio approached Payton for help on a few song ideas he had written. The result was a collaboration that blossomed into two songs, including the undeniably infectious "Sunday Morning Train". Upon completion of these tracks, it was clear that Gritch possessed a great deal of potential with endless possibilities for the band waiting over the horizon. As the band continued to add more tracks to their lineup, they recruited White who added an element of guitar-driven sophistication that powerfully captures the band progressing towards greater musical landscapes.

The band will release their first full length album "the world was asleep..." in August 2008.

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