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Jah Warrior

About Jah Warrior: Biography – Jah Warrior Duwaine A. Harrison a.k.a. Jah Warrior Hype, energy and a conscious high are among the few talents surging from the camp of the WARRIOR HOUSE family. One such is the exceptional artist who goes by the alias of Jah Warrior. A round of applause!! That’s also what you can expect when you have Jah Warrior one of the youngest & most gifted artist...”Outta di Xtratainment family camp” perform at any of your events. Stage Name: Jah Warrior · Real Name: Duwaine Anthony Harrison · Date of Birth: October 1, 1980 · From: St. Catherine, Jamaica. · Been in Music: over 7 years · Role: Performer, Producer, Studio Engineer (Rhythm Creator), Rapper, and Writer · Style: Dancehall, Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop. · Influences: Mystic Revealers, Jah Cure, Jah Mason and Sizzla & Bob Marley The rising star Jah Warrior is one of the most talented and promising reggae dancehall acts in Jamaica today. Being on stage is nothing new for this Rastafarian heartthrob who once shared the stage with a local trio by the name of The Fross Cru. Jah Warrior-- versatility gives you a range of flexibility with him being capable to perform on almost any type of events or stage show, concert, dance, or fete. Whichever it may be, whether it is a cultural reggae show, a hardcore dancehall dance, or even a children party, etc. Jah Warrior can be booked for these as he not only holds his own, but also always commands the audience on whatever type of show he performs on. Combining style, skill and experience, Jah Warrior should soon be one of the most soughed of all the rising stars. He is talented in all aspects, from his lyrical compositions, to his creative rhythms and tracks that he has being now known for. Jah Warrior subliminal messages are very clear. His music teaches the importance of fighting bias, bigotry and racism, something very dear to him. Jah Warrior. The artiste Jah Warrior a.k.a. Kulturist, was born and raised in the parish of St. Catherine, Spanish Town, he attended Ensom City All Age School. Jah Warrior-- then found out that he had a special love for reggae music from age 15 (1995). He started writing a couple songs in his schoolbook, which he then converted into a lyrics book. Jah Warrior graduated from St. Jago High School in 1998, at that time he was involved in the group called The Fross Cru, who was one of the first rap group in Jamaica at that time. The group consisted of 3 members. One year after, one person left the group and the creativity stopped for a while. Jah Warrior recall that “Within that time the two other members of the group sought a higher level of knowledge in the form of the teachings and lifestyle of Rastafarianism at the college of the (E.A.B.I.C.) at 10 miles Bull Bay.” Jah Warrior-- is a very vigilant entertainer who thinks highly of himself and the people who he works with. He currently has 2 new singles that have been released on his Warrior House label. Jah Warrior is more focused and confident than ever before that his career will take off, rising him to the heights he always wanted to be, which is putting across his music internationally that the message from his music could be loved and appreciated by many others who understands his views and definition of life...Blessed!

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