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Mortalyn Flux music licensing store
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Mortalyn Flux

About Mortalyn Flux: I am a true prodigy, though often misunderstood and underrated. Commercialism is evil, and it is taking us down the path of artistic Armageddon. I, a one-man fight against music produced on an assembly line, have decided to free myself from the rotting core of an industry bent on taking grandmas to the cleaners for downloading "A White Christmas with Tony Bennett" off the torrents.

Join forces with me. Side by side, we can defeat the suits conspiring at the top of the Capitol tower which hovers over the seedy streets of North Hollywood. If you are a true connoisseur of the avant-garde, follow us through this journey known in the underground moviehouses throughout the world as Mortalyn Flux. Be the first among the few to know and appreciate the limits of where art can take us. Set your spirit free by breaking the chains of commercialism; cross-marketing; and YouTube attention whores. Thank you. Power to the masses.


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