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Change it to Jack music licensing store
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Change it to Jack

About Change it to Jack: Change it to Jack is a five-piece, pop rock band from Portland, Oregon. Upon their inception in late 2005, they entered the rehearsal studio and shortly thereafter put out two self-produced EP's.

Since then, they have undergone line up changes, experienced countess hours on the road, played numerous shows locally, and endured unnumbered hours of rehearsal time in order to build their current sound and fan base. A hard working, DIY attitude, along with endless hours of rehearsing, performing, and networking have molded the band into who they are as a unit today.

Upon releasing their debut LP, Allow Me This Pleasure, in May 2007, the band began the process of gigging and touring to promote the album. Since that time, they have won an abundance of fans, popularity, and notoriety within their local scene.

Realizing the high potential that they had, the band signed with Greenland Music Group in December 2007, in hopes of spreading their music to a broader national audience. Change it to Jack, with the support of their new record label, plans to continue to press on toward their dreams of reaching as many people as they can with their music in 2008.

What they have become and what they are capable of will ensure that the band only will continue to grow in maturity and popularity in the time to come.

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