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Nimble Jim

About Nimble Jim: Welcome to the Nimble Jim Project. I am a musician based out of Jacksonville, Florida. I started my little music career playing in Jazz Band in High school. When I finished college, I deejayed at a few after hours clubs in Jacksonville, then decided to start writing my own music instead of playing everyone else's.

The music on this site spans from 1998 to today. I am in an acoustic rock band called Nimble Jim & the Ointment. We are still writing acoustically based rock songs, but I have started writing more electronic songs on my own as of late.

This site is devoted to all the music that I've written as a solo artist. Most of it will be electronic in nature, but I might throw in a few of my acoustic originals. What you will find here are not just completed songs, but also song ideas that I've started and couldn't finish, either because I had writers block, or because another song took precedence.

Thanks for checking me out...I hope you enjoy this little trip into some of the things, musically anyway, that are floating around in my head.


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