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Killed By Design

About Killed By Design: The LA-based rock trio Killed By Design consists of vocalist Kyle Spicer, bassist Billy Jones and drummer David Spreng. Jones and Spreng met while living in Boston – both coming up in the Boston music scene, while Spicer, a Los Angeles native, was doing the same here at home. The three became friends while working on a project in 2006.

The group’s passion for creating driving beats and clever harmony while boasting big vocals surrounded by lush guitars provides their unique and cinematic sound. These songs were born in the bedrooms and studios of the band. After months of collaborating in their 2nd NoHo rehearsal space, after their 1st one burned to the ground, they began creating what would become the first of many EP’s to be released this year.

Their debut EP, ‘Occulta Veritas’, is due April 2008, featuring the single “Get Out Alive”, mixed by Ken Andrews.

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