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Clemm Rishad

About Clemm Rishad: Clemm Rishad is an artist that believes in using his musical talents to inspire and entertain, coining the term "Sky Music" – the ability to encourage people to stay fly and look to the Sky. Clemm Rishad's style is much like his history: edgy and provocative. Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, he is the product of two worlds: his father, and his oldest brother. His father is a preacher, instilling him with positive values and spirituality. His brother was a street hustler, who taught him the importance of drive and tenacity. All of which contributed to his lyrical style, recorded in a couple notepads he would always keep by his side. Writing constantly – relationships, family, and world issues ended up as poetry on his pages, and weren't revealed until now. He gives a look inside his life in the latest EP entitled Image Of Me. His unique blend, varying from Hip Hop, Soul, and Alternative is an inspiration to music lovers.

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