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E-Wah Lady music licensing store
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E-Wah Lady

About E-Wah Lady: E-Wah Lady has been pot-boiling for some time now. Starting out from a dire domestic abyss of hit and Mrs shows, she divorced herself from the excruciating past with her debut album This Is Remorse (2006), a concoction of diabolical outpourings which has made its way into the National Library of Australia''s collection listed under "electronica" with the Suicide-esque Self Self Loathe cemented as a firm favourite amongst devotees. On the basis of this record one reviewer painted our E-wah as “a drunk, pirate hippie that has some drums, bells and can sing a bit.”

The second release an EP, Almost Sold My Axe (2006) put the blade to the grindstone for the recording of six more traditional songs packaged up in lovingly hand-made cd cases. This release picked up modest radioplay and positive reviews. One smitten reviewer saying, "the songs crackle with intimacy and directness” and openly gushed, “there’s no pretense, and the power of each performance offers a truth that is seldom seen these days.”

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