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Burn the Wicked

About Burn the Wicked: Burn the Wicked is a band that doesn't take the every day crap that most people deal with. We are a band united to fight for the people like us who have been looked over and stepped on. We are a band that has formed a family of metalheads in an area known as Houston that almost two years ago didn't have much of a metal scene. All of which we have done within a year and a half. In coalition with the bands Almost Sober and Virus we have been able to conquer most of the Houston metal scene and build a fan base far beyond anything that we could have imagined. As far as the music, Burn the Wicked is a band that is rooted in anything metal so of course our sound is like nothing you've ever heard before. With a past show lineup including the likes of Pitbull Daycare, Downsiid, The Funeral Pyre, Born 2 Nothing, and The Last Starfighter, we can only expect great things in the future.

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