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Ted W Jones music licensing store
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Ted W Jones

About Ted W Jones: Born 1960 in Jamestown, NY...been around the block a time or two since then. Many influences along the way...some stick close while others don't.

Band scene...been there done that...some good some bad.

I consider myself a non-performing songwriter. I no longer play out on any regular basis. Written many songs through the years and recorded them in some form or fashion but never on a professional level.

I never considered attempting to sell my songs until recently. It would be such a rush to have another person perform and/or record one of my songs. Of course it would be an even bigger rush to have one of my songs hit the charts.

I would like to connect to other songwriters that would give an honest critique of my songs. I would also like to connect to industry pro’s that would be willing to listen to my songs.

I find it hard to pin point a specific genre that is fitting. Some of my songs sound Country while others fit Rock. Some songs fit the Blues genre while others may fit Pop. I guess it all depends on the song and/or the inspiration while writing the song.

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