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Kidnapper Bell

About Kidnapper Bell: REVIEWS

“The unnerving Kidnapper Bell more than hold their own sharing a bill with the great Johnny Foreigner Calories and Little Dipper. The glistening chimes of guitar fused with stuttering glitches of drums and synths, like a tetchier 35 Seconds paralyse many in the crowd not prepared for the sublime quality of this excitingly progressive and melodic Anglo-American four piece”.
(The FLY Live Review)

“This Birmingham based Anglo-American quartet look set for an exceptionally bright future. This four track EP showcases an intense, intriguingly original range of danceable alt-indie, in terms of technical ability and pop prowess, this is an impressive start”
Rocksound Magazine
(8 out of 10 EP review)

Kidnapper Bell's main point of persuasion is most definitely there ability to merge the standard with the oblique. A promising release that could sit well with the collective of solely underground music fans and also the mass populous of Radio 1 listeners just as easily.
(Rocksnail Review of EP)

Listen to enough bands and you get a feeling for those groups that aren’t ever really going to make it and those that seem almost destined for far bigger things. Anglo-American quartet Kidnapper Bell are so firmly in the latter camp that they can probably feel the big-time breathing down their necks right now.

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