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Johnny Parry

About Johnny Parry: Johnny has released three LP's and one EP of original compositions, and has arranged and produced for many other artists.
His work is a combination of piano led song-writing and orchestral arrangements.

"As Parry has proved it once more with More Love And Death, his dark and beautiful and complex world is a work of genius." Daily Vault
"Parry's poems of morbid carnality and romance are framed by heavy velvet curtains of stylized theatrical gloom" Uncut
These songs are simply better written - better composed - than almost anything out there." Scene Point Blank
"A piano led thing of beauty" Timeout
"strings stomp and gush, choral voices swoon like theramins. Johnny's literal whispers to sweeping, precisely notated orchestral drama that would bring an opera house to its feet." Disclaimerband

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