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About JanElaine: When you first see her, you might expect the performance to match the pretty, petite, and gentle natured person. Then she sits at a piano, and suddenly nothing is what you might expect. The powerhouse performances of this 5''1, 100 pound woman will resonate the chords of your very soul. No one hears her play without being profoundly affected. Her songs are broad and sweeping and take hearts soaring while also relaying a grace that leaves listeners with a sense of peace and well being.
JanElaine''s debut CD, "Threads in the Tapestry," has driving rhythms of songs like "Life" that pull you through seasons of conflict and resolution, and quiet waltzes like "Dolphins Playing" that sit you on a beach on a warm summer day. The whole of the project is masterfully woven and reflects multi-dimensional threads of the eclectic tapestry of JanElaine''s own experiences.
JanElaine's second release, "Epiphany," contains captivating piano instrumentals with emotionally charged, beautifully soaring original melodies, intriguing rhythms and exceptional orchestration.
JanElaine has a gift for capturing the essence of life events and transforming them into melody. The entire CD is a masterpiece, with the piano painting on the canvas of listeners' hearts. Every song is poetry without words. With the release of Epiphany, JanElaine has proven herself a formidable contender in instrumental music. This CD has the same beauty as her first release, Threads in the Tapestry, but shows a marked evolution both spiritually and technically.
JanElaine - She''s peaceful yet powerful — and always diverse.

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