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Forward Play


We are pleased to announce the release of the Forward Play debut album - Stop Repeat – on Alex Tronic Records.

‘Stop Repeat is a thing of shimmering, stainless steel beauty. This music is so majestic that if Forward Play tours, I recommend she plays cathedrals.' - The Leither

Forward Play is Scottish electronic artist Caroline Baird. Her unique brand of electronica - packed to the brim with beauty and soul - merges gorgeous, soaring string sections with intricately layered beats - ambient, cinematic soundscapes with deep, cheek wobbling sub bass, resulting in a beautiful, highly accomplished album.

'This is a crazed, driven, bassed-up brute of a disc. There is a real, haunting, cinematic quality to the music, which draws you in to the vale of darkness and makes you sit there, enticed and entranced. It’s got that mix of blazing sunshine and earthy yet innocent sexuality to it. It is a very beautiful, ethereal disc.' - Is This Music

With solid support on both local and BBC radio and an ever growing fan base, Forward Play is certainly one to watch.

‘Electronica at it’s finest.’ - Fresh Air

‘A rising star in the world of Electronica.’ - Unique Beats

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