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About Greed: "Getting Richer by Earning Every Day", Greed also known as Darius Hammond, is A Hip Hop MC/Producer who is a 26 year old male stomping out the woods of PG County Maryland, Laurel to be exact. Greed can be classified as a "whatever needs to be done artist". His versatility can range from someone who grips you with a storyline that depicts struggle and hope. But as soon as you can turn to the next track, don't be surprised to hear a note or two combined with lyrics and a baseline that tells a story of a hustler on his daily grind.
Influenced in his early years by the west coast gangster rap tunes, Greed shortly adapted to the ways of the east coast and southern rap scene. At age 18, Greed decided that it was time to develop his own style of music.
With being the youngest of four and raised by a single parent mother, Greed understands the values of hard work, which stands out in his debut album "My 365 Grind". With tracks like "Standing", Greed delivers a fast paced tune that gives you an idea on what he truly feels about life and his past experiences. Not to mention "Go Hard", where Greed gives the listener two forms of music in one track. By balancing a melodic note with furious lyrics, Greed gives you a clue on his mentality, go hard everyday!
As for now, look for Greed to continue to push toward a dream of success. "The American Dream" as normally stated, but for Greed that is only the beginning.

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