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Brothers of Brazil

About Brothers of Brazil: They are brothers and both have chosen the artistic life, musically speaking , they would be like water and oil. This is about Supla and Joao Suplicy, first and last born in the Suplicy’s family. Both have gone, let’s say, totally opposite ways in music. While one was releasing the first national technopunk hit with the participation of the German rock star Nina Hagen- this, away before the concept of globalized music became a fact-, the other brother was getting in deep in the studies of the genuine Brazilian music, specially samba and bossa nova. But, maybe by the bonds of blood, maybe by the natural attraction of the opposites, Supla and Joao decided go get into the studio together, writing and playing. The result of this musical intersection is on the unreleased and praised project BROTHERS OF BRAZIL, which now has become an album.


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