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Di Sheldon music licensing store
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Di Sheldon

About Di Sheldon: Di has toured with artist Avalon, Cheri Keagy, & Nikki Leonti.

Music became my heartbeat at a very young age--three! I boldly stepped out onto our front porch in a little blouse, skirt, cowboy boots and hat with fake microphone in hand, and sang to the air with the 'swaying side-to-side' dance choreography. However, that being my older sister's fond memory, my personal declaration is about age 10 cruising around on my bicycle with a portable tape player blaring Amy Grant or Stevie Wonder. I do play the piano, guitar, harmonica and congas.

I am currently trying to tech myself bass. It's important for me to attempt to play or at least try to understand the core instruments, although drums, that's a space I am not even sure I can master the mere attempt to understand four moving branches to rhythmically work together, LOL! For me, understanding the instruments has really helped my songwriting approach, production ideas, work in the studio, etc.

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