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About Mista:Kite: Late at night, when the rest of the world is sleeping, there is one party you just cannot keep down. Mista:Kite keep bouncing and pounding to the heartbeat of the good time. Enjoying riff-laden grooves that ooze energy and soul of The Rock, The Funk and The Blues. This concoction, and soon to be phenomenon, is to be known as ‘ Riffola’. Walk the streets late at night and you will hear the distant sparkle of life, as the purr of the guitar, the growl of the bass, the bash of the drum and rambling melodies of optimism jump and jive. As the brothers kite strive to keep the party alive. Spiralling out of control a rowdy energetic (house-party-esque) room packed full of fun lovin’ cats ride the tide of life. Cheeky feet-a-dancing, tambourines-a-shakin’, maracas-a-rollin’: a full wave of sound that embraces and intoxicates all. Leaving a punch-drunk blues as the party never dies. Live everyday, just for today, because tomorrows never far away…

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