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About Ghost: Coming from the belly of Hip Hop the G.Q Squad aims to Shock the world with their Fashionable and Infectious style of Hip Hop. These are not just your average rappers. They are your producers, engineers and masters of their craft. The group attends college to back up there musical talents with a degree that teaches them the fundamentals and technical aspects of music. Making them the ultimate threat.

They are a new refreshing side of Hip Hop created to escape the down side and negativity of the current game. Coming from different parts of the east coast and raised in different countries throughout the world, they have established their own unique sound. Blending the new age with an old vinyl feel. Ghost would compare it to A Tribe Called Quest fused with the Lox. The Squad proclaims ultimate success and longevity in the music industry.

The Squad is led by Young Ghost, a very talent 21 year old Hit Maker beyond his years. Ghost has been producing and recording for 7 years. Honing his own project and working with local R&B, Pop, Reggae and rap artist. Ghost has established a very impressive catalog of music. He is truly the wave of the future, setting trends and creating musical masterpieces and anomalies. Ghost sights his musical abilities from his West Indian heritage and his pure, untainted love for music. He was even quoted to say Music is my life, and I am in the game for the long run. Listening to this young mans music, it seems he might be around for Eternity.

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