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brown shoe

About brown shoe: The band started out playing in a garage in Folsom, CA with the idea of writing simple well crafted songs. Soon, this study of simplicity eventually morphed into a more textural sound that they refer to as ethereal rock and roll.

Brown Shoe’s release of The Wheat Patch in 2006 garnered outstanding reviews, tremendous college radio support, and comparisons to artists such as Sigur Ros, My Morning Jacket, Doves, and Red House Painters. Over the last couple of years, Brown Shoe has performed at festivals and clubs across the entire United States. They've been called everything from shoe gazers to show offs. Differences aside, people are gravitating towards their live performances.

In November 2006, Brown Shoe traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to work with producer Duane Lundy (Scourge of the Sea, Neva Jeffrey, Vandaveer, The Parlour Boys). He was instrumental in achieving the contrast in sound Brown Shoe was striving for throughout their new record, Vanity.

Since the release of "Vanity" Brown Shoe has continued along the independent route garnering more press, more radio play and continues playing as many shows as they can manage. Currently the band is in the studio at Pus Caverns working with Joe Johnston (Cake, Deftones) on the next record.

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