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About Heaven: Heaven was a heavy metal band from Sydney, Australia that formed in 1980. The band recorded three albums and toured throughout the United States during the 1980s. Since then, Heaven has maintained the status of " Legend Metal Rock gods ". Alan Fryer revived the bands name from time to time with various incarnations but there has been no new material since 1985. The group's original style was similar to that of AC/DC but in later years went in a more commercial heavy metal direction along the lines of Judas Priest.

The band was originally formed in Adelaide under the name Fat Lip, which featured Fryer, bassist Laurie Marlow, formerly of Almost Human, and drummer Joe Turtur. Soon after the band moved to Sydney, AC/DC singer Bon Scott died in London and with the connection via Michael Browning ACDC's first manager and Heavens current manager, ACDC were considering Fryer as a replacement. Fryer left Fat Lip and returned to Adelaide but he was never called upon to audition. Once back in Sydney, Fat Lip now consisted of Fryer and Marlow, Theo Kats on drums and guitarist Bradford Kelly, formerly of John Swan's band Swanee.

Heaven's Great music is now available for license from YOU LICENSE. Heaven is a Blue Pie and Deluxe Records artist. For more information on Heaven you can visit Blue Pie at www.bluepie.com.au

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