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Mic Mell music licensing store
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Mic Mell

About Mic Mell: Funky beats, and something for everyone. A sea of organized distortion, corrupted elegance and electronic hip-hop blended together for your drinking enjoyment. Mic Mell has been experimenting with different styles of music for over ten years. Having recorded and gigged with projects spanning funk, reggae, hip hop, jazz, rock, avant-garde, and electronic of all styles (to name a few), he is always searching for the fusion of the many sounds and feels of live music with the glitches and clicks of the digital realm. Always involved with a variety of musical projects, Mic strives to create music that is not easily pigeonholed by genre, and stays true to a danceable nature. In addition to having several original musical projects, Mic creates music for films, TV, and actively works with other artists in having their musical visions realized.

Never content to be a one trick pony, Mic is always searching for new musical, business, and educational experiences, and he is a firm believer that one's life defines the tone of one’s art. Mic is committed to bringing your project to the next level. Mic is a team player who brings enthusiasm to any project. If you are up to something in entertainment, Mic can make a difference in your vision coming to life.

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