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CANICAMUSIC music licensing store
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About CANICAMUSIC: Canica Music is a full service music company. With a growing library of licensable tracks and custom composition and production we can serve all of your individual music needs. Canica Music is born of worldwide influences and hybridized concepts, it offers a unique and profound sound which is sure to make your next project more unique and imaginative. If you are looking for a specific sound, we can make it happen. We hope that you enjoy this website, and we wish you much success!

Canicamusic is composer, producer and songwriter Marcelo E. Quinonez grew up in and around Los Angeles, California and his band Cuchata’s continued success and experimentation led Marcelo to the creation of his record label Eleggua Productions. As his career continued to grow so did his interest in other aspects of the music industry. Thus was born his production company Canicamusic as he undertook the new challenge of actively pursuing a career in film and television music.
Marcelo has a constantly growing library of production music for sync licensing and source music available through his production company Canica Music and his record label Eleggua Productions.

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