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Dune Tran

About Dune Tran: Born and raised in Edmonton, Canada, Dune Tran relocated to the San Francisco bay area of California in 2001. Of the firm belief that it's never too late to make a dream a reality, she took up music later than many musicians -- guitar at age 21 and piano at 24. From an early age she felt a deep connection to music, especially falling in love with the sound of the piano. It was apparent that music would make up a significant part of who she would become.

After a year and a half of performing as keyboardist and back up vocalist for SF indie band, Leilujh, Dune parted the group to pursue her own project, at which point she caught the attention of producer Joshua Rumer. Together they produced her debut album “Heart Anchors” which is a collection of melancholy, catchy songs set to simple, yet deep and insightful lyrics. Each piece on this disc is distinct from the others, giving the listener something new to hear and feel from one song to the next. Ranging from soothing and melancholy, to upbeat and invigorating and from rich and lush to barren and stark, there is something to inspire and catch the attention of listeners of all backgrounds.

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