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Bag 4 Two music licensing store
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Bag 4 Two

About Bag 4 Two: “Bag 4 Two” borns as a result of the encounter between the musician-producer F. Mahjong Conti and the singer Sarah Michelle. The bases on which this project rests are a synthesis between obvious extraction “Pop-rock” of Sarah M. and the musical world “360° oriented” of Mahjong. At the beginning “Bag 4 Two” starts playing just live, promoting a “live set” with vocal, musicians and “played computer music” in real time: this has carried it in the the most trendy dancefloors of the North-Italy, in particular at “Fura Culture Club” in Desenzano del Garda. During the artistic live activity they decided to begin also a record production, working in studio with the same inputs matured in the live experience, trying an expressive feeling between melody and power instrumentals parts, staying radio friendly without never to fall on the discounted commercial clique. Next publication the single “Free your Love”.

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