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Kinky Pimps music licensing store
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Kinky Pimps

About Kinky Pimps: The story of the Kinky Pimps started in 2004 in Genoa (Italy) when Fab Rab, an Italian producer, joined forces with Federico Dix - a guitar player he had met at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles. With the help of Karl B. who came on board as a bass player, the trio had a clear idea of what they wanted to do: create good songs with a mix of different musical genres. In 2005 Federico moved to London UK where he met singer/songwriter Ben Levy. Ben joined the project, writing vocal lines and lyrics for the tracks. The result is good solid songs that will stand the test of time. The Kinky Pimps music can be compared to a Tarantino movie soundtrack, mixing rock, pop, funk and surf, and blending coolness with a hint of self irony and retro vibes with a modern sound.

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