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Ltfc music licensing store
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About Ltfc: Formed by Fed Conti and Luca Torchiani.
Luca Torchiani's biography: My first experience in music goes back to 1992 at the age of 15, as a singer in a cover pop band.Since then has started a live activity that has developed both as a front man in bands and as a soloist artist.In '94 I had the chance to audition with DJ MOVEMENT and, in the beginning of '95 I released my first vinyl under the name of " The Hard Concert". I have been presenting the song (a live version) in different promotional events in clubs all over the north of Italy, in front of the most quoted dance artists of that period.In '96 I released my second album with NATIONAL RECORD, where I took care of the vocal production and the lyrics.In '97 I took part at " The Night Wave" in Rimini with a song called " Hold On ".In the same year " Fairwest Music" proposed me to collaborate on a pop Italian's project as a singer/writer.That gave me the opportunity to work with important Italians? and foreign producers like: MARCO GUARNERIO (883, Le Vibrazioni),? RICHARD SMITH ( Bob Marley, Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Joe Cocker ).These experiences contributed to grow my confidence with music, improving the ability to write songs, elaborate melodies and working on producing and playing voices.In the meantime I kept on working in the dance ambient mainly as a session player, with various labels and producers: TIME - RISE, SONY, BUCKS MUSIC LTD, VIRGIN, MAD, MULTIFORCE, SAMUEL PAGANINI (AIRPLANE), MPL, BMG, JB SOUND, GALLO SALSOTTO, OXYD, SHAKE RECORDS, LAURENT GELMETTI ( DELTA ), S. CASTAGNA (AVEX - JAPAN), FEDERICO CONTI.In the summer of 2004 came out " SHOUT REMIX " (DO IT YOURSELF - MRICKY & DANIELI). I took part at "SHOUT ON THE BEACH TOUR" with ALEX NATALE, GIANNI COLETTI, MAD.

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