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About Kreeps: From the debut alt-punk-funk single on Output Recordings, through the trash-goth single on Loog Records, to the limited drum-heavy Psyche 7" on Alpha-Ville in Japan - Kreeps has consistently proved never to be a one trick pony and nothing underlines this better than their first long player “Belly Full Of Razor Blades”. From doom-surf to horror punk, tripped out blues, psychedelic punk funk and creepy anti-folk lullabies, Kreeps continue refusing to be pigeonholed on this bizarre and dark journey into a B-Movie nightmare.

“This doomed surf pop is the best soundtrack to a Pulp Fiction that was never made or David Lynch's next surreal feature” – Loud And Quiet

“Kreeps are the best of the 'dressed in black' bunch. this is one band which will influence your innocent cousin into becoming a child of the devil. – Dazed And Confused

"The five piece act leaves you open mouthed in admiration. Everyone should see this spectacle."- Thisisull

“If you were to blend the dark cutting vocals of Bauhaus and the Misfits,
threw in some surf guitar, a taste of distortion, and some horns you
would almost get the picture. The Kreeps take the best of all that is
punk, Goth, swing, and surfabilly, and tie it up with a blackened
little bow.” - Stray Bullet 5/6

"Nobody really knows where they come from…Faris Rotter thinks they're one of the best bands in the world. –NME

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