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Chill Master music licensing store
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Chill Master

About Chill Master: Dale Nougher alias 'Chill Master',performs sensational grand piano improvisation.His Professional music career dates back to the 1970's where playing live piano and synths gave him 'Pop' experience,while venturing into record production as an 18 yr old.

In 1984 Dale compiled and arranged many years of his improvisation on the piano into his 1st selling album titled 'OPEN'.After joining the electronic duo 'IQ',Dale and Ken Davis forged a market in what is now known as 'ELECTRONICA'.'IQ' performed live for many years,marketing and pioneering a genre not recognized in the early 1980's.

Dale enjoyed the outdoor life stretching his skill into street theatre and marketing his own music at live gigs,tours,television,production and merchandising.Dale performed over 500 live gigs between 1987 and 1989 alone.All of these gigs were marathon performances lasting up to 8 hours a show.

Dale has personally sold over 100,000 units through his own music retail business since 1984.

After years of experience as a 'Chillout' DJ,performing and promoting music at festivals,Dale Nougher has become known as the 'Chill Master'.

The Chillmaster catalogue is now available to the world for license from YOU LICENSE. You can find out more on Dale AKA "The Chillmaster" by visiting the followings sites:



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