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I've Lost

About I've Lost: Let me tell you a little about my work. I use a guitar, bass, voice, and sometimes other instruments and objects, through a looping system ala Robert Fripp’s Frippertronics. The music is played live and totally improvised from the start. This allows me to emotionally react to whatever space, time, state of mind, recent experience, etc., that I am experiencing, and subsequently each piece or performance becomes a personal reflection of the moment. But within this, there is an element of a metaphor for memories, or past experiences, that is reflected by the way the music is a continuous building on previous notes or sounds. These sounds also fade over time so the work then becomes a continous movement. Briefly, this was inspired by my readings and research into Existentialist philosophy, and more specifically the idea that who we are is dictated by the decisions we make, and that we have to take responsibility for those decisions. Also, that we are in a constant state of “becoming”.

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