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Bad Apples

About Bad Apples: Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, Bad Apples is a rock/funk trio consisting of James Albis (Rhodes, Moog, saxophone), BJ Felsted (bass), and Dave Witter (drums). Drawing on such influences as Steely Dan, David Bowie, and Talking Heads, Bad Apples continue to impress every new ear that hears them with their catchy melodies, lively harmonies, and tight grooves.

2009 has been a busy year for the band, as they released their second studio album, Today Begins at Night, in July and then embarked on a two month tour across the country to promote it. Today Begins at Night continues and expands on the blazing path set by the trio with their debut album Home. Lush vocal harmonies, layered keyboards, and the addition of a 6-piece horn section give the album a tremendous palette of sounds that can’t be ignored. Fueled by funk, R&B, and rock, Today Begins at Night is sure to cause a stir with powerhouse songs like “Lucky Day,” “New Age Prophecy,” and “Scotty ‘n Me.”

Project413.net dubs Bad Apples “a perfect example of another overlooked band,” but this is far from the case. In the two years since Bad Apples started touring, they have played well over 200 shows in 18 states across the nation, building up a legion of fans from coast to coast. With the addition of a live horn section, the Bad Apples sound captures the attention of anyone within earshot and doesn’t let go.

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