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Under Feather

About Under Feather: Under Feather creates an alternate universe of sound textured with swirling rhythms and a unique vocal style that draws the listener into the artist's vision and holds them prisoner. A one man band, Under Feather is a new musical experience not to be missed....

Interesting. Very reminiscent of middle-era Pink Floyd, and intriguingly trippy in places with intelligent lyrics....

Under Feather is so totally interesting in his interpretation of stories into his music. His style is truly unique!. Eclectic and psychedelic rock from a unique voice. Blending influences as diverse as The Beatles and Pink Floyd, this is music that must be heard. Quirky progressive pop rock from the land of lakes....

Under Feather never fails to leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what might be coming around the next corner.

This was an absolute treat ! ... Floydish ... yes ... and a tint of Jethro Tull ... and a creative soul ... and wait ! ... can it be? ... yes definitely ... a piece of us all !

What brilliant tracks - 309 Lemonade Dirt Road is killer - love your style and sound.

A stunning audio experience for the ears....picks you up and takes you on a musical journey into another dimension of sound...put the headphones on & turn the volume up...Under Feather goes beyond perfection!

Sweet & Trippy!! I Like it!

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