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the thought criminals

About the thought criminals: Back in 2004 in London, UK Kirlian Blue and Rocky Goode decided to form an act called The Thought Criminals. With the help of a dance producer Tony Messenger and mixer Rob Henry they pulled of the album Die Young: Stay Pretty!. The duo has built up quite a cult following over the following years! Headlining very well known and famous London (UK) live venues such as The Mass, The Underworld, The Dublin Castle, Goldsmiths College, The Coliseum and The 333 club! In 2008 The Thought Criminals went back to the drawing board and we're signed by WTII Records (Formally known as the legendry WAX TRAX! label!) Enigma became the third member in September 2008.

The Thought Criminals are proudly a self manufactured act. Created by Kirlian Blue and given its balls by its front man Rocky Goode. They had no style guru's or Malcolm McClaren's to help them. They don't claim to be talented musicians, but they do claim to be performers with very strong musical Ideas, lyrics, originality and direction. Being different and original is something very rare in Britain now days. Kirlian and Rocky give you a sense of that long lost Alternative Spirit not some recycled cliche which has destroyed many great scenes over the years. The Thought Criminals encapsulate the sound and underworld of South London! That part of London was once home to Punk and the likes of David Bowie, Japan, Siouxie Sioux, Billy Idol to name a few.

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