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Off City Limits music licensing store
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Off City Limits

About Off City Limits: Off City Limits prides themselves in writing music that is catchy, original, and uplifting. Opting not to jump onto current music trend bandwagons, they write honest, timeless, and energetic Pop/Rock songs with a modern twist that they love writing, playing, and listening to. The songwriting is influenced by Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, and The All-American Rejects, among many others.
Although the group is still quite young (the average age of the group 19 years old), they've still accomplished a lot on their own: Radio Airplay on 3 Local Radio Stations (as well as one station in the UK), shared the stage with many signed acts (Valencia, Dangerous Summer, Red Car Wire, Artist Vs. Poet, Houston Calls, etc.), and built a strong and loyal local fan base. They play out 3 to 4 times a month locally with plans to play in other states in the coming months.
It's safe to say Off City Limits have no plans of slowing down.

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