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BlueGreen LightRays music licensing store
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BlueGreen LightRays

About BlueGreen LightRays: Description
The Bluegreen Lightrays consist of various audio spectrums processed through multi-dimensional laser beams of light transformed by energized spectral wavelengths. The results of these experiments and procedures are what your ears and brain consume through the transmission of aural data. The goal of BGLR, besides providing entertainment and joyous celebrations within the sub-conciuos psyche, is to become a positive force in the universe. Welcome aboard!

The musical influences of BGLR begin basically with the psychedelic era of late 60's, moving through early progressive rock, into space rock and the punk movement, then on to the 'new-wave' 80's while staying heavily entranced by experimental styles, enveloping the trance and techno era of the 90's and early two thousands, and finally reaching the current musical era. A lot of influence, I guess!

Equipment / Software
The instrumentation includes the following: Roland, Korg and Yamaha Keyboards, Fender and Ovation Guitars, with an ever-changing variety of Software Synthesizers and Sound Modules.

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