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Verax music licensing store
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About Verax:
Verax has been praised since 2002 for being one of the most catchy, innovative and driven bands of this century. With Infectious melodies, Gripping hooks with songs that people can relate to and a wildly energetic live show. With the new line up featuring influencial members Foggy, Bayonet, Mitch and Micro Chip they've found their own innovative sound mixing the power of chant with the riveting sound of fantasy.

The term 'Verax' is derived from an old latin word meaning integrety, or to be truthful.

The release of 'Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3' brought serious publicity for the band, and after signing a deal with the company 'Rhythm Authors' we will soon see 'Forest' and the famously deep track 'In Your Eyes' on the 'Rock Band' Network.

Currently working hard on their full length debut album 'Omega Fantasy', Verax is sure to be a band forcing Rock and Metal forward into the future.

"Look out for this band, They're going to be MASSIVE in the future!" Jim Scott

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