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Crazy Girl music licensing store
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Crazy Girl

About Crazy Girl: Crazy Girl is crazy, her doctors attribute it to the 3 skull fractures she suffered as a small child, she received all 3 from a poor attempt at flying, actually she just jumped off the family's living room coffee table and landed on her head. She spent her youth as a latchkey kid, and eventually turned to a life of petty crime. But it would be her addiction to inhalants (specifically "Laboratorie Garniers' Extra Firm Hold Mousse") that would really be a turning point in her life.

She spent 4 years in rehab battling her addiction. Then one day she heard an angel’s voice on the radio - Sheena Easton singing " My Baby Takes the Morning Train", at that moment she knew she must dedicate her life to show biz, and well the rest as you know is history. Once she was deemed safe to herself and others, she was moved to the psychiatric ward. It was there where she practised her vocal technique and precise dance routines diligently, and all that hard work was not in vain. Crazy Girl eventually landed the role as head entertainer down at Shady Valley's Nursing Home, where she regularly entertained it's pensioner residents. Said octogenarian and resident Hazel Kinkaide " Oh she's a real show stopper, my favourite song she did was "Sugar Walls!"

Crazy Girl was recently let out on a work release program and can currently be seen every Sunday at her local, "The Brunswick Arms" in Hackney doing kareoke.

Oh, she also has some tracks out and DJs

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