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About Mescalito: Mescalito are Derek O’Sullivan and Luke Shepherd. Their particular path in a million is worthy of close scrutiny.

While Shepherd absorbed the powdery sub-strata of Californian and Panamanian culture, O’Sullivan tackled an assortment of misdemeanours in Southern Ireland and Manchester, flavouring the assorted spoils of Salford, Hulme and Dublin with an unquenchable thirst for the quality that lurks in the dark corners of contemporary living. Drinks were drunk, drugs were drigged, and friends and foes evolved, flourished and floundered while days slipped into weeks and plans were hatched, scrambled and swallowed whole.

Striking up a musical partnership after a stolen longboat incident at Henley Regatta, O’Sullivan and Shepherd’s early excursions into sound developed in a tiny studio set in the heart of Bournemouth’s skag triangle. Inspired by the coffin-dodgers and cut-throats whose turf the boys had alighted upon, the embryonic sound of Mescalito snatched chunks of Eraserhead and Down By Law and fisted them into fluid basslines, cheeky beats and bowel-loosening sonics.

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