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About Skylab: Born in Glasgow, Scotland then raised in the leafy green mean streets of North London suburbia, Mat drifted in early adulthood into a twilit world of gangs, drugs, petty hoodlumism and punk rock on the fringes of the extremist avant-garde demi-monde, only to be rescued by the love of a good woman. Returning to the real world and raising his delightful children for a spell, his recording debut eventually came about as the end product of a period spent high on the “heaven & hell drug”, l.s.d. surrounded by rusty analogue synthesizers, tape machines, microphones, sound-making devices of every description and a ludicrous record collection. Hooking up with fellow Glaswegian, diminutive “Godfather of trip-hop” Howie B and maverick Japanese Exotica/Hip-Hop pioneers Love TKO from the Major Force posse, he produced in 1994 the seminal “Skylab #1”.
A spell in the USA followed, during which he honed his unique skills as a sonically psychopathic and whorish DJ. Returning to the UK he spent 18 months collaborating on material much of which later surfaced, uncredited on Madonna’s unspeakable “Ray of Light” album (Court case now pending). Signing to Warner Bros. in the US and eye Q records in the UK, he embarked on the second Skylab album 1999 (released in that year) and a terrifying US tour with “disco pervert” Tim “Love” Lee and UK/US DJ/musician Thomas “The Mammal” Bullock as the abstract assault DJ team Skylab Sound Systems - “3 men, 6 decks, a good tailor and a BAD attitude.

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