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Eddie Sea

About Eddie Sea: Eddie Sea

Eddie “Sea” Caldwell Prolific songwriter/producer Eddie “Sea” Caldwell pens an album of a lifetime! Eddie Sea is releasing an album that reflects his memories of his Childhood through adult years in the tough, but elegant streets of Chicago. For years Eddie “Sea” has been serenading the world with the Underground G-funk legendary rapper Swolts. Producing 5 Cds. Now he’s ready to embrace the world with his Compilation album “Moon City” which all of the songs he wrote and produced.” Moon City will take you to a place in your mind where music has no boundaries. The album, ‘Moon City’, consists of fourteen original songs written by Eddie Sea, each providing a combination his high-energy production, melodious vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Several singers, and musicians perform these hypnotic, organic, and beautiful works of art.

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