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Ninja Academy music licensing store
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Ninja Academy

About Ninja Academy: "An instrumental bass and drums fury."

Although Ninja Academy is mostly a bass and drums duo, there are many guest ninjas that join them on stage. Gongis Khan is their high-priestess who bangs on the Taiko drum and dances beautifully. Ninjamamalickum executes vocal destruction every time she steps up to the mic. There are many other occasional guests, varying from violin to guitar to martial artist. It may be interesting to note that Indo, Outdo and the two ladies are all of Asian decent and yes, they do dress like ninjas. Indo and Outdo are also in-demand musicians in their own right. Indo-Ninja has toured internationally with Rickie Lee Jones, while Outdo-Ninja has recorded with Devo and toured the United States with the circus (Spiegelworld).

Ninja Academy has three releases under their belts; two studio albums (one of which has cover artwork by Chet Zar, Tool's live video artist), and the above-mentioned live album. These CDs have been played on various radio stations (terrestrial and Internet) around the country, as well as having been licensed to MTV, Quicksilver and other productions. 2009 will see the release of their fourth album.


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