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Virtual Humans music licensing store
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Virtual Humans

About Virtual Humans: Virtual Humans wants to interact with everyone in a different way.
There are no real singers, the songs are focused on the social and human issues, having the idea to replace the traditional use of pictures and animations for music and showing subjects purely related to the human life, creating an on purpose visual and artistic contrast.
The emphasis of lyrics and production of the music try to motivate reflection and perception of our world, especially the inner and outer human nature.
Virtual Humans is a virtual band to create contradiction, mixing the real and the virtual world, with a careless and unpretentious look, but speaking up serious issues with messages in the songs, sometimes subjective, targeting all audiences.
Virtual Humans Band has been trying to refresh to our minds how the human being is becoming more and more a virtual identity, impersonal and robotic and we are connected to our brain in most of the cases by a mouse...

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