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Pixilated Theory music licensing store
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Pixilated Theory

About Pixilated Theory: "On September 9, 2008, the people of earth made contact with beings from another planet. Aliens from the planet Titania landed in a small town in rural Missouri and demanded to meet the leader of Earth. Escorted by heavily armed military units, they met with the President and demanded that they be given a masterful electronic music album created by the people of Earth to prove their worth and right to exist. Without the album, the aliens would destroy Earth. Following their meeting, the President issued an executive order which created Project Pixilated Theory, a top secret project that was to create the greatest electronic music album in history. Two men were drafted by the government to perform this task: Jonathan Hall and Michael Hall, who were given the secret code names "MJ Halliday" and "Mixer Mic." Mankind was saved by this album. This is the music that was submitted to the Titanians and saved humanity."


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