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Bunny Wailer

About Bunny Wailer: As the sole surviving member of the original Bob Marley and the Wailers and a three-time Grammy award-winning artist in his own right, Bunny Wailer, aka Jah B, is a living legend who continues to promote and perform reggae music to audiences around the world. Born Neville O’Riley Livingston, Wailer was raised in the village of Nine Miles in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica, where he and fellow youngster, Bob Marley, grew up as brothers. In 1952, both boys’ families moved to Trenchtown, where they soon discovered Joe Higgs who held informal singing lessons in his tenement yard on Third Street. It was in Higgs’ tutorship that Marley and Wailer met another talented youngster, Peter Tosh. Together, the threesome formed the nucleus of what would later become The Wailers.
Wailer’s solo career has included hit albums and songs in a number of different styles. His songwriting credits include “The Electric Slide (Boogie),” originally performed by Marcia Griffiths. The song became a dance craze in the late 80s and remains popular today.
As the only remaining member of the Wailers, Bunny constantly endeavors to uphold and promote their musical legacy. His dynamic contributions as both a promoter and a performer have helped the reggae genre gain international popularity, earning him a spot amongst his peers as a timeless proponent of reggae music.

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