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About IO: io is Kjetil Aab?s little playground, where he fools around with his electronic equipment and his own pop sensibility. io is groove based pop with a love for heavy beats and things that crackle. Kjetil Aab? is not doing io entirely by himself. As helping hands, Marius Lynghjem from Corvine and Tor Erik Olsen, provide vocals and more instrumentation. ”T?ff i stige” is a dynamic album, and Aab? uses a lot of traditional instruments together with his computers. ”T?ff i stige” is therefore something different in the electronica style, and we would rather call this for a joyful electronic pop album! ”T?ff i stige” is an album both for the specially interested and the common man. This album should be of interest for fans of different genres, and anyone into the Warp-label, Rune Grammofon or Ipecac, will get into io.

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