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About EASE: An up and coming group from Scotland. Their music has been considered inspiring and had recently topped the UK Napster charts with A knight's soul.

The band is made up of the following:
Amy Mackinnon: Lead vocals, backing vocals and rhythm guitar
Erik McCall: Lead guitar, bass, harmonica and keys
Hugh Higgins: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on some songs.

The writing process began with Erik McCall between 1997 - 1999 when he wrote most of the songs. These would have been kept in storage for almost 10 years when he met Amy and Hugh. Erik had been teaching guitar to Amy and Hugh.

The first song recorded was It Takes Time. Originally written by Erik McCall in 1999, the song was intended to be a rock song but to suit Amy's voice, some changes had to me made including the style of the song and it became a folk song.

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