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About Kodomo: Kodomo (b. 1975) is the electronic music project of Chris Child, based in New York City. Founded in 2000 as a moniker for remixes, Kodomo evolved into a platform for Child’s original compositions, leading to the release of Still Life on NYC's label 5 Point Records.

To date, Kodomo has released debut album Still Life, 2011's Frozen In Motion, three singles and one EP. He has performed in New York, Montreal, Barcelona, Paris, and Tokyo. His music is regularly featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, This American Life and All Things Considered.  As Kodomo, Child has also done frequent remixes for artists including Freezepop, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight and Symbion Project. His music has been released in the popular hit video games Rock Band, Phase, Amplitude and Frequency, produced by Harmonix.

Asked to characterize his work, Kodomo describes his interest in "images, objects, landscapes, weather and various scientific data, and how these mediums can be used as conceptual material for musical exploration." "Much of my music is motivated by places, experiences, ideas and discoveries."

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